A new decade and a new beginning …

My blogging experience thus far has been confined to a long-forgotten LiveJournal account, which chronicled my experiences in late high school and early university as I navigated the nasty world of uni classes, pimples and girls.

It’s fair to say that this blog won’t be that exciting – though I use that term lightly when referring to my 20 year old self – but hopefully it’ll be a little more intelligent and insightful and all the things one associates with a 30 year old man-child.

With that out of the way I thought I should take the opportunity to explain who I am (middle-class white male), why I’m writing a blog (definitely not because of ego) and whether you should read it (probably not).

Who am I?

I’m currently the economic editor at the Business Spectator. Basically I get paid to have opinions.

The appeal of that is probably fairly obvious but I take particular pleasure from it since my previous job involved working for an organisation where junior analysts were expected to be seen but not heard.

I won’t deny that I had a great deal of fun while working at the Reserve Bank of Australia. I was lucky enough to meet my future wife; but I also made no shortage of life-long friends. I am good friends with at least a few people who may one day become key power-brokers within Australia’s most important institution.

But at the same time I was more than happy to leave. I had big views on the future of the Australian economy and no avenue with which to pursue them. I was interested in the long-term structural issues facing our economy but stuck writing about near-term cyclical trends.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say it was soul crushing but I’ve seen a few souls crushed. Occasionally you’d walk down those hallowed halls and see nothing but dead eyes and slumped shoulders. I’m not sure what that says about Australia’s most important institution but I’m just happy that I’m doing something different.

Why am I writing a blog?

Ego. Or ‘brand’ development.

I’d like to think that neither of those reasons are why this blog exists but that’s probably a lie. To be an economic commentator you need at least a healthy ego; at the end of the day you are putting your views up for the world to see on a daily basis – and in my case often challenging popular and conventional wisdom.

Expect a fair bit on sport and a few columns on interesting books I’ve read or games I’ve played. There will certainly be plenty of politics and pop culture; observations about society and hopefully a few other issues. Oh … and lists.

Basically I don’t want it to simply be an off-shoot of my Business Spectator articles. Sure I’ll comment on economics from time-to-time – hopefully in articles much shorter than 800 words – but I don’t want to be confined by just that.

Should you read my blog?

Probably not. But feel free to prove me wrong.

Why now? And what’s with the name?

As I write this I am just an hour away from turning 30 years of age. That makes me official old – at least according to my 15 year old self – but it seems like a good time to try something different.

Some readers may have already worked out that the blog name is simply my initials and my age written in an inconvenient way. It also mirrors the name of my favourite robot in my favourite science fiction series.

What’s next?

Not much. At least for a few weeks. Not a great deal happens over the Christmas break; most people are away and I’m fairly lazy at the best of times.

As such I’ll leave you with three things worth considering:

  1. Does anyone really care about the Sydney-to-Hobart yacht race?
  2. Why is Shane Watson still in the test team?
  3. I feel sorry for those that have already seen The Hobbit.

For the rest of you, I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year.


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